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Advances in technology are increasing the risk of disruption in the market and existing players are taking note. They’re innovating. They are making more use of lightweight materials and alternative fuels and taking the first steps towards intelligent and connected vehicles.

Consumer requirements are changing too, as society moves away from traditional vehicle use to more diverse mobility solutions, such as car sharing. It is a shift with major implications for an industry that is already one of the most complex and layered in the world.

With fast moving global economic change, flexibility and innovation are key. The most successful auto companies – whether an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplier or distributor – will be those that anticipate threats and opportunities, and respond accordingly. So while the future will bring many technical developments, new business models and strategies will be important too.

Automotive industry in Serbia

The automotive is one of the most prominent industries in Serbia. More than 60 companies have invested over 1,7 billion EUR in automotive industry since 2001. The main investors are major European and Asian automotive companies.

Major investments were in production of vehicle chassis system parts (tires and suspension parts), electronic components and systems (car batteries and wiring installations), engine components, forged and machined parts (camshafts, brake discs, valves and flywheels).

Why Grant Thornton?

The automotive industry is a global network of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, financiers and other service providers. You can’t look at one element in isolation. End-to-end knowledge is essential – and that’s what Grant Thornton can offer you.

Not only do we operate in over 130 countries around the world, but we have teams of industry experienced specialists dedicated to the auto industry.

We are a global team with the ability to call on technical experts worldwide. Combining local knowledge with our international strength means that we can support you with operations anywhere in the world.

More details about our global services for automotive industry you can find here.

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