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Technology industry

An industry that never stands still

Like the industrial revolution before it, the digital revolution is changing the world for ever. Economically, socially and practically, our lives will never be the same again.

Even now, the way we work, the entertainment we consume, the personal connections we make, are all facilitated by technology. It affects everything we do. The technology industry is a massive part of that development. It, like the world around it, is constantly evolving.

The ability to anticipate and adapt is more important in the technology industry than ever before.

Rapid change and complexity have always been hallmarks of the technology industry. And it is even more so today. Start-ups are going global from day one and the lines between technology, telecommunications and the media sectors are blurring.

It is a fast-moving marketplace. Successful technology firms are responding by continually revising their business models, business strategies and product mix. They are growing, restructuring, improving margins and then growing again.

Technology industry in Serbia

Technology sector is becoming one of the most important industries of the Serbian economy. Serbian technology companies offer strong technical expertise that have brought many international firms to establish development centers in Serbia. Serbia is ranked as 40th largest software exporter globally.

Serbian technology industry is based on the strong engineering education, with approximately 33% of university graduates coming from technical schools. Serbian technology market offers strong intellectual capital, attractive labor costs, excellent skills, good communications networks and a high fluency in English. These are reasons why many international companies decided to expand their businesses to Serbia.

Why Grant Thornton?

We are specialist advisers to the technology industry. We’re all about minimising risk, maximising profitability, and unlocking the potential for growth for businesses.

Local sector knowledge and technical capability are fundamental parts of our service. But there is more to us than that. We have a deep, practical understanding of the industry, around the world, for businesses at every stage of their maturity.

We work with a broad range of dynamic organisations, from emerging companies to rapidly expanding ones, as well as established industry players, in more than 130 countries worldwide. So, whatever your size or location, you can be sure that we understand your business needs today and what you will need to grow tomorrow.

More details about our global services for technology, media & telecommunications industry you can find here. 

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