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We provide valuations of businesses and assets.

For organisations involved in a transaction or embarking on restructuring, the value of the business involved and its assets is always an important commercial consideration.

Our valuation specialists blend technical expertise with a pragmatic outlook to deliver support during transactions and restructuring. They get to know your company and analyse its profitability and risks, contracts, investments, obligations, administration and any other elements that may have an impact on your business’ net worth.

Our valuations experts present you with their conclusions in a clear way, along with their recommendations, allowing you to support your decision-making process.

Our solutions

Our teams offer specialist solutions in the following areas:

Business valuations

We provide independent valuations of businesses and shares in support of negotiations, reorganization, recapitalisation and taxation opportunities.

Assets valuations

We provide assets valuation for financial reporting (IAS 16, IAS 36) and other corporate finance purposes. We provide valuation of real estate, equipment, and intangible assets.

To learn more about our valuation services, please contact us.