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Other advisory services

Business consulting

Our business consulting services can help you improve your operational performance and productivity, adding value throughout your growth life cycle.

Our teams offer specialist solutions in the following areas:

  • performance improvement
  • analytics of business data
  • improvement of financial processes and systems

To learn more about our business consulting services, please contact us.

Project finance

Project finance requires a special approach. This approach means pragmatic focus on goal and commitment to teamwork.

Grant Thornton provides advisory services to public bodies and private investors who want to implement capital investment projects.

Our team can help to:

  • identify projects
  • develop feasibility study (financial, economic and risk analysis)
  • find sources of project financing
  • establish financial management of projects

To learn more about our project finance services, please contact us.

Public sector services

We provide efficient advice to the public sector as we understand our client’s problems and the difficulties they are facing in implementing political and economic decisions.

Our clients are local authorities, government agencies, public companies and non-profit organizations in Serbia.

We can help our clients to develop their projects and deliver support services throughout the project implementation and are committed to supporting you at every stage.

Our teams offer specialist solutions in the following areas:

capital investment projects through public-private partnerships

  • project finance
  • cost-benefit analysis for projects according to the instructions of the European Commission
  • development of capital investment plans
  • public procurement of financial services
  • development of financial management
  • development of asset management
  • internal and external audit of the budget

We can use global capabilities of Grant Thornton member firms in financing projects by attracting private capital. As members of the Grant Thornton network we have cooperation with member firms from UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and other EU countries.

To learn more about our public sector services, please contact us.