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Our heritage

For more than 100 years, we have helped dynamic organisations realise their strategic ambitions.

The global organisation we recognise today dates back to 1904, when Thornton & Thornton was formed in Oxford, UK. Twenty years later and on the other side of the Atlantic, 26-year-old senior accountant Alexander Richardson Grant established Alexander Grant & Co in Chicago, US. Thornton & Thornton delivered international audit services before the Second World War.

We took our first steps to becoming a truly global organisation in 1979 when the UK and the US firms set up a new international organisation. Seven years later in 1986, the US and UK firms each changed their names to Grant Thornton and in 1997, the first International Business Centre opened to manage our cross-border activity.

Since our beginning All of our firms had one thing in common – a commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions to clients. Global growth gathered momentum during the next several decades as new member firms from dozens of countries became part of the international organisation.

Grant Thornton in Serbia

Grant Thornton in Serbia was founded in 1996 as BC Consulting. In 2004 the firm became a correspondent firm of Grant Thornton International.  Audit firm Revizit was incorporated in 2000 to provide accounting and auditing services. In January 2010, our companies became full member firms of Grant Thornton International’s global network.

In more recent years, we rebranded with a new logo and tagline – “An instinct for growth”.

Over 100 years after Thornton & Thornton opened its doors in Oxford, we’re now a $4,6 billion global organisation.